Health Building & Healing Systems

Health Building System

The Yin Style Bagua Healthbuilding Systems comprise a wide range of Daoist and Buddhist exercises for qigong, meditation and physical strengthening. They help to keep the bagua practitioner healthy and include:

Dr Xie Peiqi in a sitting qigong (chi kung) posture

The Eight Healing Sounds

Each sound affects particular organs, thus allowing the practitioner to treat specific problems. The sounds can be practised whilst standing, walking, sitting or lying.

The Luohan Patting System

To strengthen the Four Cavities, the Four Gates, the Twelve Meridians and the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.

The Twelve Guiding Energy Sitting Meditations

To open the "Energy Passes", to fill the "Energy Centres" and heal the five organs.

The Taibao Hunyuan Yi Qi Exercises

A qigong set, representing the five elements and eight guas, to build up qi.

The Standing Exercises from the Eight Animals of the Bagua Zhang System

A wide variety of exercises from the eight animal systems to build qi, strength and flexibility.


Instructions on a short Qigong (Chi kung) set and a set of strengthening exercises are available in the Articles section of this website.

Healing Systems

The Yin Style Bagua Healing Systems include both Body-Energywork (also called Tuina) and herbal medicine, but the main emphasis was in teaching the Body-Energywork.

In order for practitioners to be able to practice the Body-Energywork system they must have "gongfu" or skill within their fingers and to achieve this they must build up their own Qi (Chi) and develop Qi sensitivity. A set of Eight Qi Storing & Developing Sensitivity Exercises practised on a daily basis is used to build up the requisite Qi, Strength and Force.

The main Body-Energywork system comprises 24 hand techniques each of which has eight different variations. The hand techniques are used in any of eight different methods to either help the Upright Qi or expel the Pernicious Qi. Practitioners learn how to use the system on themselves before using it to heal others. The system is very sophisticated and highly effective in treating a wide range of illnesses.

The Body-Energywork system was documented on DVD and is available, along with other DVDs on the healing systems by Dr Xie Peiqi, from the Association of Traditional Studies.

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