Bagua Martial Arts Seminars/Workshops

He Jinbao instructing students in the finer details of a cutting binding technique

2016 Bagua Martial Arts Intensive Workshop

Sat 2nd to Tue 5th July
Fri 8th to Mon 11th July
Thu 14th to Sun 17th July
8:00am to 4:30pm

Regent's Park, London


- Understand the fighting strategies of Bear & Rooster systems
- Understand the force generation body mechanics
- Understand how to pair the proper footwork with the hand techniques
- Improve results in fighting applications
- Understand the force transforming and removing methods of bagua


This seminar with He Jinbao is the ideal opportunity to learn Bagua from the fifth generation lineage holder. The focus will be on lots of training and practical applications of the syllabus. He Jinbao is a very patient teacher and welcomes beginners.

Isometric Strengthening Posture Practise

Representational postures
- achieving correct alignment for increased strength and improved circulation
- understanding the mental aspects of the practice

Foundational Strike Practise

- in the static and various stepping methods
- how to wind up effectively
- use whole body to generate power
- how to effectively change forces from one strike to the next
- coordination of stepping and body movement to complete the issuing of force

Forms Practise

- how to effectively use a variety of fighting strategies
- how to pair the proper stepping method with the technique
- adding in body movement to help give a better result in the use of the technique
- understanding how to make techniques more well-knit and the stepping more agile

He Jinbao explains details of a seizing-grasping (qinna) technique

Applications Practise

Fighting applications of all techniques
- how to gain an advantageous position on the opponent
- taking stepping patterns from forms, changing stepping, and examining the results of different kinds of stepping
- effect of stepping on usage through matching and coordinating appropriate changes in stepping, coordination of speed, weight and cadence of stepping

Circle Walking Practise

Including direction change methods
- achieving the correct posture and alignment
- how to be more rooted and maintain whole body connection throughout the practise


For a detailed timetable of the activities please download the PDF.


This event is open to beginners; no previous experience is required.

For more information please contact Philip Smith by email or call 07546 152731.

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